Zircon is a professional 8-track drum machine. Paint your own patterns, choose from powerful drum samples, record your beats in real-time and save your songs. Change the drum kit, tempo, swing, velocity and pattern to make your beats unique.


I wanted to provide an intuitive interface for anyone to easily create drum patterns from scratch. To achieve this goal, I tried to include all features in a single view which was quite challenging due to the limited size of the device's screen. After many trials and errors, I could divide Zircon's interface into four sections. The first topmost section is a global control section which allows the user to apply global changes such as playing a sequencer or changing the tempo. The second section is a multi-track step sequencer section which allows the user to easily program a drum pattern or mute/unmute each track. The third section is a patterns section that allows the user to change the pattern or set a range to loop multiple patterns. Also, the user can easily copy, paste or clear each pattern. The fourth section at the bottom is a drum pads section which allows the user to play each drum sound in real-time. Also, the user can set accents, pan, and gain of each track by selecting the tab which turns the drum pads into sliders to change each value. This single view design approach enabled users to quickly create amazing drum beats with a minimum number of steps. And even people who had no experience in music-making could immediately start creating drum beats without any guide provided.

I designed and developed Zircon from beginning to end. I designed an initial draft by drawing my ideas on a sketchbook and later implemented it using GemmaLib, a set of Pd abstractions for creating mobile apps that run through the Gemma app. Drum samples and some of the default drum patterns included in the app were created by a co-founder, Matthias Sperling. Recording and sound editing of the demonstration video was done by an intern, Sebastian Thinggaard Rostved.

Software Engineer | UX Designer | Creative Technologist