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Week2 - Defining the problem

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

  • The issue: There are many people who go to a café to stay for a while, but had to leave immediately because the place was too crowded or couldn't get a seat.

  • Problem: They waste their time and energy having to look for different café. This is also a problem for the café because their customers are constantly distracted by the people looking for a seat.

  • (Possible) Solution: What if there is an app that provides real-time information about the crowdedness of cafés. The information can be described in 5 levels (very quiet / quiet / normal / crowded / very crowded)

Survey result: (20 people)



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Problem Statements

For many University students, it’s a constant challenge to find a cafe to seat and work on something. Quite often, these people struggle to get a seat at a cafe in order to work on their personal tasks. This is especially true if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to work in a too silent place like a library.

The main problem some of the University students face is not being able to check the seat availability of a cafe before they visit there which leads to time wasted and a decrease in productivity. Today, their best option is to visit the cafe hoping that the cafe is not too crowded, but of course, they cannot find out this information until they actually visit the place.

If only there was a possible way to find out the level of the crowdedness of cafes in real-time, then University students could save their time and energy which would lead to an efficient, productive and pleasant experience. With 594,000 university students in New York City, there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of people.

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