• Zack Lee

Week1 - Issue research

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

  • The issue: There are many people who go to a café to stay for a while, but had to leave immediately because the place was too crowded or couldn't get a seat.

  • Problem: They waste their time and energy having to look for different café. This is also a problem for the café because their customers are constantly distracted by the people looking for a seat.

  • Solution: What if there is an app that provides real-time information about the crowdedness of cafés. The information can be described in 5 levels (very quiet / quiet / normal / crowded / very crowded)

Some ideas on how to solve the issue:

  1. Work with franchises like Starbucks.

  2. Install sensors at the doorway of cafés to count the number of people.

  3. Analyze crowdedness through security cameras.

  4. Analyze crowdedness using microphones.

  5. Analyze crowdedness using location and microphone input of the user's phone through an app.

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