• Zack Lee

AR Jam - pivot

I decided to change my previous idea AR Jam because I thought the user experience is not so good as I expected.

The first problem is that after the user moves an iPad close to the AR instrument, then the user should hold the iPad with one hand and use another hand to interact with the touch interface.

I tried this for a few minutes and I could already feel pain on my arms which is not really good.

The second problem is when the instrument becomes a 2d surface, then it would almost block the entire iPad screen and the user would no longer feel that he/she is interacting with the real instrument on his/her desk.

Lastly, being an iPad app, it can only be used among iPad users which limits the number of target users.

Although I was aware of some of these issues, the main reason that made me pursue this idea so far was that I didn't have other options. Technology-wise, using openFrameworks and ARKit seemed to be the most feasible option since I'm already familiar with openFrameworks, and also I had an iPad.

To be continued...

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