PdWebParty is an open-source web application that allows Pd users to run their patches on any device through a web browser, making the patches easily shareable with a web link.

Here's the Link to the app. You can also use the following QR code to go to the app link on your mobile device.

As the name implies, the project was inspired by Chris McCormick's PdDroidParty and Dan Wilcox's PdParty, and it was built based on the GSoC 2020 project for Purr Data to make the native Purr Data run in a web browser which is still in development.

The goal of this project is to create a simplified version of the Purr Data web app that only supports running and sharing of Pd patches through a web browser. (At least until the Purr Data web app becomes ready to be used)

Running your Pd patch

  • Create your Pd patch with the GUI objects (See supported GUI objects) placed in the main patch. (The GUI objects in subpatches will not appear in the app)

  • All GUI objects should communicate with the main audio patches using send and receive only. (The GUI objects without send/receive names will not appear in the app)

  • The size of the main patch will be the maximum size of your device's screen. (It will be stretched to always fit into the screen)

  • Drag and Drop your Pd patch to the app's page to upload it. (The previous patch will be replaced with the uploaded one)

Sharing your Pd patch

Using MIDI

  • Pd's MIDI objects (e.g. [notein]) can be used to send and receive MIDI messages. (The app will open all available MIDI devices by default)

  • The MIDI should work in all browsers that natively support the Web MIDI API. (See the browser support)

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