Ofelia (2018)

I designed and built Ofelia to empower artists in their creation. This tool allows people to use openFrameworks and Lua within a real-time visual programming environment Pure Data for creating audiovisual artwork or multimedia applications such as games.

openFrameworks is an open-source C++ toolkit for creative coding.
Lua is a powerful, efficient, lightweight, easy-to-learn scripting language.
Pure Data(Pd) is a real-time visual programming language for multimedia.

Thanks to the Lua scripting feature, users can do text coding directly on a Pd patch or through a text editor which makes it easier to solve problems that are complicated to express in visual programming languages like Pd. And unlike compiled languages like C/C++, users can see the result immediately as they change code which enables faster workflow. Moreover, they can use openFrameworks functions and classes within a Lua script.

Using Ofelia, users can flexibly choose between patching and coding style based on their preferences.

Ofelia runs on macOS, Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi, and it enables the user to easily build standalone (macOS, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS and Android) or web applications.

For more information, please visit https://github.com/cuinjune/Ofelia

Since its first release in February 2018, Ofelia has been used by many companies and individuals in various projects

Ofelia was initially funded by the Gyeonggido Business & Science in 2018 and it was showcased at the NYC Media Lab Annual Summit 2019 and presented at the Piksel Festival, an international network and annual event for electronic art and technological freedom.

Software Engineer | UX Designer | Creative Technologist