I built and created Ofelia to empower artists in their creation. This tool allows people to use openFrameworks and Lua within a real-time visual programming environment (Pure Data) for creating audiovisual artwork or multimedia applications such as games.

Thanks to the Lua scripting feature, users can do text coding directly on a Pd patch or through a text editor which makes it easier to solve problems that are complicated to express in visual programming languages like Pd. And unlike compiled languages like C/C++, users can see the result immediately as they change code which enables faster workflow. Moreover, they can use openFrameworks functions and classes within a Lua script.

Using Ofelia, users can flexibly choose between patching and coding style based on their preferences.
For more information, please visit https://github.com/cuinjune/Ofelia

Since its first release in February 2018, Ofelia has been used by many people and companies in various projects. 

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