Kraftpad is a virtual analog drum synthesizer capable of creating unique electronic drum sounds by offering 10 different kinds of dedicated synthesizers.


Kraftpad was one of the first music creation apps I created for the iPad. When creating this app, I was inspired by the German band Kraftwerk's custom drum pads heard on their song 'Autobahn' which they modified Maestro Rhythm King, a 60s drum machine that was typically used to play pre-programmed rhythms.


I was fascinated by the idea of customizing an existing piece of gear for different creative usage. So I decided to create a customizable electronic drum pads app for iPad and named it Kraftpad.

I designed an initial draft by drawing my idea on a sketchbook and then later created base images using Adobe Photoshop. I adopted a skeuomorphic design for base user interface and flat design for control widgets. It was challenging to blend the two, which required many revisions to perfection.


For the audio part, I used Pure Data for creating 10 drum synthesizers, a reverb, and a looper. Although I knew how to mimic simple electronic drum sounds, I needed to research further in order to learn how to synthesize drum sounds more professionally. So I read many articles(mostly from Sound On Sound magazine) about how the drum sounds from vintage analog drum machines were synthesized. After many trials and errors, I could come up with a satisfying result and managed to create 10 drum synthesizers for creating 10 different drum sounds. And then I added reverb and a looper which was relatively easy work.

Lastly, I had to connect the user interface with the sound engine so they can communicate.
Creating the app took me about 3 months to finish and this has led me to later develop GemmaLib to ease and speed up the development process.

Software Engineer | UX Designer | Creative Technologist