Image Puzzle



This project was an assignment for the "Hand Held: Creative Tools for Phones" course at ITP.

The assignment was to build a second prototype of an interface that allows the user to combine image layers in different ways and producing artworks.


I decided to create a simple puzzle game using a random image which is divided into five pieces, and shuffled randomly. Here's the Live Demo on Glitch.

You can also use the following QR Code to visit the app link in your phone's browser:


How to play

  • In Desktop browser, you need to use horizontal mouse scrolling to move image pieces.

  • In Mobile browser, you need to swipe left or right to move image pieces.

Process & Thoughts

​In terms of the user interface, instead of using icons and texts to instruct the user how to play, I used an animation in the beginning to show the user what the completed image looks like(for 2 seconds), and how its pieces are shuffled. I assume this will sufficiently demonstrate how the game works in a quite simple manner.

For the interactivity, I used the CSS Scroll Snap feature based on this documentation.

Although it was pretty straightforward to use, I think there are some problems that need to be addressed. For example, the scrolling of one element stops as soon as the other element is being scrolled. I fixed this behavior by force snapping the scrolled elements whenever a new touch is detected but this is not ideal.

The random images used in the app are fetched from Lorem Picsum.

Source Code


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