Gemma is a platform that allows anyone to easily create and share music creation apps. The platform consists of two parts: First, GemmaLib, an easy-to-use app-builder for mobile music-making. And second, the Gemma app, which contains an in-app market place.


Since all of the current mobile music creation apps are developed by different individuals and therefore work separately, these apps lead users to experience a limited amount of features and a lack of integration between apps during the music creation process. On the other hand, there are thousands of musicians creating amazing music creation apps that cannot be used by the general public simply because there are no distribution opportunities. There is a need for a centralized distribution hub for music creation apps where users can find and use everything they want in one place.


Gemma levels the playing field by giving the indie developers an easy to use app builder ‘GemmaLib’ to develop cross-platform applications as well as a market place for distribution. There are about 100,000 musicians creating musical apps who could potentially populate the market place. And more than 125 Million people are using music creation apps on their smart devices. Gemma has the opportunity to become the new standard in music creation app commerce by providing one place to create, share and purchase these music creation applications.


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