Face DJ

This project was an assignment for the "Open Source Cinema​" course at ITP in Spring 2020.

The assignment was to draw on more of the body to immerse user in creativity.

I created a face-controlled DJ web application called Face DJ for a more immersive musical experience.

The app uses the Tensorflow Facemesh library to accurately detect facial movements and use these data to control music.

I created this app to explore how face-detection technology can be used for controlling/producing music and to provide a more immersive musical experience.

Here's the Live Demo on Glitch.

You need a webcam, headphones, and a microphone to fully use this app. Please try the app in the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. (Safari is currently not supported)


  • Moving your head by X, Y position changes the song pattern.

  • Moving your head by Z position changes the volume.

  • Tilting the head based on the Y-axis controls the panning.

  • Tilting the head based on the X-axis controls the filter cutoff.

  • Opening/closing your mouth controls the filter resonance.

  • Saying something to the microphone plays a vocoder.

For more information, please visit https://github.com/cuinjune/face-dj

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