Azurite is an intuitive ambient music generator. It allows anyone to easily create beautiful relaxing songs and to explore the relationship between sound and visual art.


- Each shape represents a different sounding instrument.

- Touch the screen to play and hear the sound of a selected shape.

- Hold down the shape and play to record your play.

- Double-tap the shape in order to clear the recorded play.

- Try changing the pitch and scale.

- You can store up to 7 different songs. 


Since the app was designed for creating not only music but visuals, I tried to make the UI as simple and minimal as possible so users would not get distracted by too many buttons and texts on the screen. So instead of creating a separate record and clear buttons, I included both features into each shape selection button at the bottom left corner of the screen which also provides better usability. Secondly, I tried to improve the expressiveness of sound by changing the timbre of each instrument's sound depending on the user's vertical touch position. I used techniques such as the FM synthesis and Pulse-width modulation to add a variation to the timbre. Lastly, I tried to create a strong relationship between sound and visual to enhance the experience of relaxation. For example, I used a sine wave oscillator for the circle shape, a square wave oscillator for the square shape. And I made each shape to fade out according to each sound's fade-out duration.

I designed and developed Azurite from beginning to end. I designed an initial draft by drawing my ideas on a sketchbook and later implemented it using GemmaLib, a set of Pd abstractions for creating mobile apps that run through the Gemma app. Some of the default preset songs included in Azurite were created by a co-founder, Matthias Sperling. Recording and sound editing of the demonstration video was done by an intern, Sebastian Thinggaard Rostved.

Software Engineer | UX Designer | Creative Technologist